Our Experience:  Over 40 years of combined experience in sales and marketing. We have a diverse knowledge and expertise of items ranging from antiques, jewelry, coins to garage items to guns to everyday household. 

Our Integrity:  We do not hold presales. We do not sell anything to anyone before the date of the sale. Some companies will hold presales only for their valued customers and friends. Some companies will also price items they personally want and "buy" them minutes before the sale starts.  We do not buy anything for ourselves during the sale. We give everyone a fair opportunity and operate on a first come first serve basis, ensuring you get maximum value for yours or your loved one's possessions​

Our Customers:  We have a loyal following of customers, a large email list and a large want list.

Family Owned:   A family owned and operated company whose main goal is to provide the absolute highest quality of service to you.  We do this full time so all our energy is focused on you and your specific needs.

Why use a 3rd party?​
Do I really need someone else to conduct the sale for me?

Consider This:

​1) Time -it will take a considerable amount of time to organize a

successful sale

​2) Pricing - a wide range of knowledge & research will be needed to price antiques, collectibles, and everyday household items

​3) Equipment & Supplies - tables & table covers, chairs, display cases, lighting (for dimly lit rooms), dolly (for moving furniture), calculator, cash box, cash (for change), tax id forms (for antique dealers), packing material (newspaper, bags, and boxes), labels for pricing, receipt books, cleaning supplies, supplies for repairs and "touch-ups", poster board, markers, stakes, tape, stapler….

4) Experience & Knowledge - placing ads, contacting antique dealers, best times and days to hold the sale, city laws regarding sales,and displaying items for maximum visual appeal
5) Staffing the Sale - moving furniture, packing and unpacking boxes, arranging and pricing of items, stationed workers for most rooms (for security purposes)
6) Working the Sale - selling, negotiating with dealers, strangers,even neighbors and family
7) Detachment - selling family heirlooms and memories can be very difficult

Why Choose us?

Ann McCorkle Estate Sales