​​Like to Gamble? Auctions are a “one time” shot to generate the most money.  You can’t control sales prices and selling prices of even valuable items are mostly determined  by potential buyers that happen to be present and paying attention at the time an item is auctioned. As a result, your earning potential can be greatly reduced. In addition to paying for advertising, most auction companies charge sellers for the hours their employees work preparing and working the sale.  Sometimes when it is over, there is still a lot of clutter, work,stress, and aggravation still up to you.

​E-Bay Service: E-bay is a service we DO offer as we recognize that some rare and unusual items need a larger than local market. However, recent changes in E-bay Selling Fees and payment policies have not made E-Bay the most profitable place for our clients. With a larger viewing audience E-Bay can sometimes bring a higher price on certain rare items, but by the time ebay fees, required insurance and pay pal fees are paid, plus the commission fee to the selling agent, the actual money you will walk away with is not as desirable.  We are happy to discuss these options to figure out what would be best for you.

On Site: Ann McCorkle Estate Sales conducts “Estate Sales”, also known as “Tag Sales” to sell partial or entire contents of a home.  Items range from clean, resaleable, everyday household items to personal property such as furniture, china, antiques, jewelry, paintings, collectibles, automobiles, boats, trailers and even farm equipment!

Ann McCorkle is a member of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America and holds a World of Antiques and Collectibles certification from the University of Pennsylvania-Edinboro. With expert knowledge and experience she will carefully screen contents of a home locating and sorting out the most valuable items that require extra care. Her staff eliminates the physical and emotional stress for you by gathering, unpacking, organizing, pricing and displaying securely yet accessible to buyers. Tables and display cases are available when needed. ​

    A proven marketing strategy of both print and internet advertising is used to promote the sale as well as directional signs and an extensive list of e-mail flyers to previous buyers and dealers.  We also utilize a silent bid system to encourage the sale of higher priced or slow moving items.

    When the sale is over, we will leave your property in broom clean condition and all items are removed with agreement. If an item does not sell we offer several options for your consideration. You may keep the items, we can place remaining items for sale as a one lot ‘clean-out offer or some items maybe donated to an agreed charity. In most cases a check is delivered to you within 72 hours.

Cherished Items

We fully recognize some of those cherished items or keepsakes have sentimental value. They deserve to stay in your family for ease of mind and for future generations to treasure. If any items are discovered durring the set up process, we will set them aside and arrange to get them to you.

Long-Distance Care

Today it’s common for family members to live in different cities. So, when an unfortunate circumstance occurs, it makes it very difficult to deal with it from out of town. Our services can eliminate the stress, headaches and coordinate all details without you having to make numerous, unnecessary trips away from work or your loved ones. Our trusted list of professionals include lawn care services, contractors, cleaning services and Real Estate professionals will serve as your local, on-site, and reliable source to keep your family’s best interests at heart. ​


There are no up-front fees and you’ll never have to take money out of your pocket for our services. We’re paid out of the money you gain from the sale of the items. There’s no hassle. No worry. It just takes one phone call for us to help

​Off Site

While Estate Tag Sales have traditionally been held at the owner’s home, Ann McCorkle is once again setting new standards as an industry leader.  After several years of having to turn down small sales, the newest addition to their business is the perfect solution. They have purchased the property at 1412 South Summit Drive, and will be able to accommodate combination sales for those who don’t have enough for a big sale or for those people who need to sell a house full, but can’t have it at their property!  The building is conveniently located off Hwy 54, approximately one mile from the Missouri River Bridge and is ideal to catch weekend traveler’s attention! The location has ample parking, a gallery of rooms and even large overhead doors making it perfect for loading large items or for accommodating the sale of a boat, car or other trailered items that might accompany an estate. Sales are usually held monthly as time permits. 

Items offered for sale are included in one sale only.  We do not carry items over from one sale to another.  These sales are held and conducted in the same manner as the "on site" sales, with the end result being all merchandise gone. We enforce this policy to preserve the respect of our loyal following of clients that come to each sale looking for fresh merchandise.  We feel anything less than this would be nothing more than a flea-market, that would generate flea-market prices.  Items unsold have the same options as the "on-site" sales.  

All Inclusive Liquidation Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs.

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