Ann McCorkle Estate Sales


1. Do we clean the property after the sale? YES! We make sure the trash is out to the street for pick-up and the property is in broom swept condition ready to be sold or rented.

2. What do we do with items not sold? If an item does not sell we offer several options for your consideration. You may chose to keep it, we can place remaining items for sale as a one lot ‘clean-out offer or some items maybe donated to an agreed charity.  No one works for us that does a buy out or haul off after a sale.  These are people that have told us they would like to buy what is left from a sale, or haul it off, and we simply pass along that information.    

​​3. Is the family allowed to be at the sale? We know that a person's personal property is very sentimental and a lot of times have a lot of emotional memories, so we encourage the family to let us handle the sale as if it was our own.

4. Why not have our own sale? You can, but keep in mind, it takes a lot of time, in some cases is very emotional, and we know the value of items to make sure you get fair market price for your beloved items. 

5. What is an estate sale? According to Webster's Dictionary it is the whole or partial contents of a home. This means yes, in the garage and sheds also … and depending on the property … it very well may include the kitchen sink!! 

6. What do we sell? We sell the personal property only. This includes the contents of the home (or business), farm machinery, automobiles, antiques, art, furniture, right down to the butter dishes. Don't throw anything away until we go through it, because you would be surprised at the things that sell!

7.  What if I change my mind and not want to have the sale? No one has ever changed their minds, but in that case, we charge an administrative fee for our services of time already spent, and any advertising already done. 

8. Is there any fine print in the contract or hidden fees? 
Absolutely not!  Our contract is easy to read and spells out everything in advance! We do not start working until the contract is read, understood and signed.  That gives you the option to ask any questions and understand everything up front. There is NO fine print in our contract, so it is easy to understand 

​9. How are you paid? We are paid from the proceeds of the sale.  There are no upfront fees, we work on commission only. The advertising is paid from the proceeds of the sale, and unlike many auction companies our sales percentage covers the expenses incurred to staff the sale also! 

10. How much notice do you need?  Depending on the size and location of a sale we require at least a 2 week notice.

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